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For children aged three and over who receive the government FEE funding and children aged two who receive FEET funding or the working parents element funding, there is a voluntary contribution added to each invoice every half term, payable at the start of each half term. As the Pre-School is a charity, these contributions go directly towards it's costs and also help to provide a wide range of activities and experiences for the children in our setting.

The cost of each session is:

Morning sessions (9am-12pm)- £22.00

Full day (9am-3pm)- £44.00

From September 2024 session fees will be:

Morning sessions (9am-12pm)- £25.00

Lunch club (12pm-1pm)- £7.50

Full day (9am-3pm)- £50.00

We welcome children with government funded places:

•                 15 hours early education for two year olds (FEET funding) for eligible families​

•                 15 hours for two year olds whose parents qualify for the working element

•                 15 hours early education and childcare for all three and four year olds

•                 30 hours funded childcare for children whose parents qualify for the working element


Lunch Club is open from 12pm - 1pm Monday to Friday, for parents who want to extend their child's care after a morning session.  Lunch club costs £7.50 per day.  


Parents can phone in the morning and drop their child at Pre-School if there are spaces available.  Extra sessions are charged at the same rate as regular booked sessions - £22.00 per session. This will increase to £25.00 per session from September 2024


To order uniform please follow the link to My Clothing:


Payment for all fees and charges is accepted via cash, bank transfer, childcare vouchers or by using the Government's Tax Free Childcare scheme.

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